A New Adventure

I fell victim to the dreaded “This site doesn’t really belong to you” syndrome. I decided to move my old Web site to a local host, and the original host–in Ohio–told me I didn’t own the design or programming. Not sure what he plans to do with a site he can’t use, but that’s fine with me. I was looking for a new site anyway. I’ve heard good things about WordPress…and for now I need something cost effective, so here I am! Welcome to the WordPress Web site of Foster Executive Writing & Editing. We’re going to have some fun here, because I intend to blog more often and share more about writing–and communicating in general. We all need to pull together during this crazy time in history and I believe I can help my clients (not to mention friends and family) do much of their own writing.

Actually, we all write something every day. Even if it’s just a note about your daughter’s sprained ankle asking the teacher to allow her to sit out of gym class, your words are powerful. They represent who you are and give readers an impression of your capabilities, your level of education, your mood. In both business and personal life, you should use your words intentionally to give people the message you want them to get about you. If you don’t think about what you write, or if you allow your words to get sloppy, you’ll create some UNintentional impressions of you that might hinder rather than help you get what you want.

Watch this space for ongoing help with your words. For those of you who own or run businesses, I’ll also include marketing ideas, verbal communication tips, sales helps and more.

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1 Response to A New Adventure

  1. jafos says:

    I love this. It’s you…and the photo brings out your sincerity, kindness and extra-ordinary knowledge!

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